Fly fishing

Rivers and lakes in Montenegro are full with fishes, so that makes it a great for fly fishing. River number one for this sport is river Tara. Why? Answer is pretty much simple. Firstly, water is so clean and it is drinkable, surrounding is fascinating and untouched. Also, river is rich with fishes, primarily with grayling. The river is also rich with trout as well as sprout.
The Fly fishing zone extends to a length of 8 km. The whole length of this zone is followed by the main road that leads to the Adriatic Sea. The upstream border is right next to the National Park Biogradska Gora, which is one of the oldest national parks in Europe. The downstream zone extends to the town of Mojkovac. The flow of the river is filled with rapids and tranquil areas, which are the ideal place for trout and grayling. The banks of the river are free and rocky, with plenty of stones. There are also several deep whirlpools in the zone, where you can find the giant fish examples of the sprout (Huccho hucho). Water clarity and physical quality of the water is outstanding, and you can safely drink the water. Below the old bridge at the entrance to the city there are capital examples of trout and sprout. From the old bridge to the Zeleni Most you have water rich with grayling. Upstream from the Zeleni Most to the Batov Vir there is a part of the zone that is more demanding for the tour, and not easily accessible, but it is therefore ideal for those who want to catch the capital fish. If you continue further, you will come to Okruglas I PizinaVoda, and further upstream you will find very accessible terrain all the way to the end of the zone.
If a clients want, they can also provide specialized guides who are members of the national team and who are very familiar with their work. Our guides can work both with the group and individually. We can also organize courses for beginners with the equipment that we own. Our guides speak English. They know the river very well, and they are ready to teach you fishing techniques (fly fishing method necessary).
One part of our offer is rental of fishing sticks, fishing boots and additional equipment. In fly fishing stores, 4km from the Camp you can buy necessary accessories and all that you might need to enjoy the river. In most of the cases, we use sizes 4-6. You can use one of your own flies, but we certainly recommend our own flies, that are of a good quality and produced by our guides. Having your own flies is absolutely acceptable. If you want to use our own flies that are made for our waters, you can order them in advance, and they will be ready upon your arrival. Don’t forget that, in case that you’re using your own flies, they have to be barbless hooks.