- Distance from the Camp: 35km.
- In Kolasin there are two ski centres Kolasin 1460 and Kolasin 1600 .
- The ski resort Kolasin 1450 is located on 1420-1973m above the sea level. For skiing and anowboarding, there are 14km of slopes available, 43% are easy slopes. For transport there are 2 charlift. 3 T-bar lifts and one begginner lift. Working time is from 9.30 till 16.00.
- Ski resort Kolasin 1600 is named after elevation grom which the six-seat cable car starts. From highest point at 2035m, visitors can choose two trails, Vranjak which is 1,80km long and categorized as a red trail, or Jaganičar which is 2,80km long and categorized as a blue trail. For the youngest visitors, there is ski lift for children.
- Day ticket for adults: 15€
- More information at the Camp.