Health and wellness camp

Beside, adventurous part, guest can enjoy in wellness. Firstly, elevation of campsite is 820m above sea level and it is surrounded by beech and oak's woods.So, this aria is good for heart and lungs. Thanks to that, this is AIR SPA.
One of the facilities in the Camp is handmade Sauna. Goran, the owner of campsite, he built sauna out of natural wood with a lot of patience and love. It looks like small cottage, there you can experience dry or wet heat sessions. To make experience more authentic, heat source is wood. Everything is natural and good for the environment. Also, the Camp provide organic essential oils to complete treatment. Herbs for oil grow on mount Sinjajevina, Bjelasica and near river Tara. Just to mention, outside there are showers with cold karst water, full of minerals like calcium and magnesium.
Last but not least, to round up story about health and wellness, we have to mention food. So, food takes huge part of our health. Montenegro traditional food is modified Mediterranean cuisine. It is unique because it is combination of Mediterranean, Turkish, Russian and local tastes. Food that we provide is homemade and organic. More information about food and menu you can find on part for FOOD.